Are you a student looking for additional "baon" (lunch money)? Or a traveler looking for extra pocket money? Or someone just looking for additional income?

Earn money just by referring DriftSetter Travel Services to your friends, your families, and others you know.

It's very simple. Here's how:

  1. Refer our Domestic and International Packages

2. Fill-up the Referral Form

3. Earn 2% commission from our published rates

Important Notes:

  • Include your contact information in the Referral Form for your commission/s to be processed.
  • Commissions are claimable after complete payment by your referrals. Cancellations made before the final payment will automatically void your commission.
  • You can withdraw your commission immediately after successful booking (i.e. full payment); or save it at our e-wallet and withdraw anytime. (Every withdrawal may be subjected to appropriate transaction fees)